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We keep four flocks of native pedigree sheep, the two Kington flocks of Welsh Mountain Badger Face (both colour variations, the better known classic Badger Face Torddu and the less common Torwen), the South Yeo flock of Whiteface Dartmoors and Herdwicks.

Whiteface Dartmoor ram at South Yeo Farm West


We have livestock for sale at various times of the year, so please contact us with any queries. If you have a plot of land that needs management but you don’t want the stress of lambing, a small group of interesting, unusual and prettily marked sheep is an attractive grazing option, and cheaper and greener than a ride-on mower. We are happy to give advice to any first-time purchasers, or you might like to join one of our smallholder training courses, and our intensive two day Sheep for Beginners course may be just the thing. If you are interested in buying a ram lamb to serve your ewes in the autumn, please let us know before lambing starts (i.e. by the beginning of March) so that we can keep some of the best entire for you to choose from.

Lambs suitable for breeding or as natural lawn mowers are ready to go to their new homes once they have been weaned, by the end of July. As we have increased the flock sizes we sometimes have shearling ewes available, ready to go to the ram in the autumn of their second year. Apart from rams, we will sell a minimum of two sheep at a time unless you already have sheep at home, as they require company. We frequently get asked if we hire out our rams, but as we keep closed flocks to minimise health risks, we don’t do this, However, our pedigree stock rams are available for sale after two years service with our flocks and they will have plenty of good breeding years ahead of them.

Livestock Price

This does depend on market prices, so please contact us for further information. Our sheep and lambs will be sold with the appropriate pedigree ear tags.


We courier our fabulous lamb, hogget and mutton direct to your door and details are on our meat box page.



We make the most out of every element of our sheep and make sure that all our meat lambs also provide a gorgeous lambskin.


The natural fleeces from our rare breed sheep are sold direct to spinners, weavers, felters and crafts people who love to use natural products.
Torwen and Torddu Badger face lambs
Herdwick lamb at South Yeo Farm West
Whiteface Dartmoor ewe in full fleece

South Yeo Farm West's logo of a barn owl surrounded by the farm name