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Roast shoulder of pork with crackling

Rare Breed Berkshire Pork

If you haven’t had any outdoor reared rare breed Berkshire pork before, you are in for a revelation. From one pig you get approx 40 kilos of meat. We sell a minimum quarter of a pig at a time which is 10 kilos (as joints, chops, ribs, rashers, etc) – if you want less than that you could buddy up with a friend. The pork joints produce the most extraordinary crackling and the gammon steaks and joints are celebration food, with the bacon almost too good for a bacon sarnie; this is seriously superb stuff. Berkshire pork is known in Japan as Kurobuta pork, revered as the world’s best pork because of its rich, juicy, tender, flavoursome qualities. But you don’t have to travel to Japan to try it as we courier our pork and gammon direct to your door.

By eating rare breed meat you are supporting the breed by ensuring it has a firm footing in the food chain and this is the best way to ensure their long term survival; rare breeds become rare because they are not being eaten and therefore not being bred.



Quarter pig – pork box: £120 bagged collected/£128 boxed collected/£148 delivered – approx 10 kilos (comes in 1 box)
Half pig – pork box: £240 bagged collected/£256 boxed collected/£280 delivered – approx 20 kilos (comes in 2 boxes)
Whole pig – pork box: £460 bagged collected/£480 boxed collected/£520 delivered – approx 40 kilos (comes in 4 boxes)
Quarter pig – gammon & bacon box: £130 bagged collected/£138 boxed collected/£158 delivered – approx 10 kilos (comes in 1 box)
Half pig – gammon & bacon box: £260 bagged collected/£276 boxed collected/£300 delivered – approx 20 kilos (comes in 2 boxes)
Whole pig – gammon & bacon box: £500 bagged collected/£520 boxed collected/£560 delivered – approx 40 kilos (comes in 4 boxes)


To give you an idea of contents, half pig pork boxes will include approx: 3 large shoulder joints, 4 leg joints, 2 belly joints, 16 thick cut chops, sausages, 1 tenderloin and liver. Let us know if you want the trotters.
Gammon & bacon boxes contain a selection of gammon joints, a few gammon steaks and lots of streaky and back bacon packed in 500g packs. Gammon and bacon can be smoked or green as you prefer.

Do contact us to place your order or with any questions. The mixed box will be delivered on different dates, the pork arriving a week or two before the gammon and bacon.


If you like your bangers, why not have a go at making your own? For ourselves we use half a pig (in one piece) and remove the meat from the bone, chop, mince and put through our ancient Kenwood; it’s more fun than you can imagine and highly recommended for uncontrollable giggling sessions if you are not averse to plunging your arms into heaps of minced pork.

We source our natural sausage skins here.

Gammon and bacon meat box contents
Roast Berkshire gammon
Bacon from South Yeo Farm West

What You Say

“Best bacon I’ve ever tasted!” A O’S, Kent
“We had roast pork belly joint yesterday, was the best pork I’ve tasted in a long time, and I’ve got plenty of dripping in the fridge for some super mid week spuds.” AO, Kent
“We are finally eating pork! It is stunning. We had a loin roast last weekend to which neighbours were invited (2 are serious foodies) and everyone was singing its praises. Yummy yummy wow! You can consider us regular customers”. NS, Dartmoor
“The pork is just wonderful – we’ve had a pork belly and some of the chops – simply delicious! Look forward to receiving the gammon!” BL, Warwickshire
“Had some bacon yesterday, it was amazing!” MD Devon
“Had a slow roast of the gammon yesterday and it was to die for!!” HBL, Cropredy
“We have nearly finished the pork now and all I can say is it is simply the best we have ever eaten! Keep up the good work it is greatly appreciated!” DP, Gillingham
“We have just eaten a couple of chops, braised with sliced apple and onion.The flavour was divine, thank you so much.They must have been happy, well cared for pigs” AH, Inverness

South Yeo Farm West's logo of a barn owl surrounded by the farm name