South Yeo Farm West's logo of a barn owl surrounded by the farm name


We sell meat from animals born and reared on our farm, so you can be sure of its exact provenance. Our lamb, hogget, mutton and beef are all entirely naturally grass fed, reared on diverse wildflower-rich pastures that are farmed for the benefit of wildlife as well as our livestock. Slow grown, real food, from rare and native breeds all chosen for their natural hardiness and amazing taste. Our meat is available in season, couriered fresh direct to your door, or can be collected from the farm. Contact us if you want to be put on our mailing list to be alerted when we have fresh meat available.

PACKAGING: We courier your meat in cardboard boxes with an inner pouch made from 100% sheep’s wool, enclosed in a recyclable, food grade polyethylene with chill packs to keep it cool on its journey to you. The packaging can be used as a compost where it will naturally break down, and even if it ends up on a landfill will naturally biodegrade within 6-12 months.  We can’t get away from plastics entirely as there is currently no acceptable alternative for the vac pack wrapping keeping your meat fresh and freezeable, but we are trying our best to minimise its use.