Devon Ruby steaks from South Yeo Farm West on a plate

Devon Ruby Beef – 100% grass fed

We (and you, we’re delighted to find) were incredibly excited about the addition of Devon Ruby beef to our meat boxes. Our cattle are entirely grass fed and used for conservation grazing on our rough pastures, producing the most fabulous marbled beef. One of the reasons we chose to keep this breed was because we had literally never tasted any beef half as good. We have the carcasses hung for a minimum of 28 days to give them the treatment they deserve and provide you with wonderful flavour and tenderness.

Unlike supermarket beef that is reared for 12 – 18 months, our meat cattle are slow grown and are reared up to thirty months to allow them to mature and develop their wonderful flavour.


  • Pedigree Devon Rubies. 2014 born cow with steered bull calf at foot
  • Utility Aylesbury duck hatching eggs
  • Badger Face Torwen & Torddu registered ewes born March 2018
  • Hogget boxes for delivery May 2019
  • Devon Ruby beef boxes for delivery in November 2019
  • Raw fleeces Herdwick, Torddu and Torwen Badger Face
  • Beautiful lambskins
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£115 collected/£135 delivered

A 10 kilo beef box contains approx: 2-3 joints (from topside, silverside, brisket, rolled rib), sirloin, rump and fillet steak, stewing steak, chuck steak, shin and mince.


£170 collected/£192 delivered.

A 15 kilo beef box contains approx: 4 joints (e.g.topside, silverside, brisket, rolled rib), sirloin steaks, rump steaks, fillet steak, stewing steak, chuck steak, skirt, shin and mince.


Our meat is couriered fresh direct to your door, or can be collected.  Contact us if you want to be put on our mailing list to be alerted when we have fresh meat available.

Devon Ruby Beef burger


Contents of a 15 kilo Devon Ruby meat box from South Yeo Farm


South Yeo Farm West Devon Ruby sirloin steak on a plate with chips and trimmings


What You Say

“I would like to say how good your beef is, just the smell of a raw joint sitting on the side coming up to room temperature is something I have never experienced. I made corned beef with one of the brisket joints, a couple of the best ever roasts with the silver and topside, fantastic cottage pie and beef and onion pie with extremely short pastry and some awesome pasties. Your beef is truly the best I have ever tasted.” JA, Kent
“I have to say that your beef is really exceptional. The lamb and hogget are great, but the beef is something special. I made a fairly humble beef and ale stew last night, and after almost three hours of cooking, your beef (stewing steak) still had so much flavour and texture, and wasn’t remotely dry – all that fine marbling from the slow growing of your cattle.” WF, Kent
“I’ve just cooked up the last of the beef – mince in a bolognaise. Every bit of the whole box we had was delicious – especially the topside & steaks….. Put our name on the next list please if you can – the men of the house can’t wait!!” CW, Warwickshire
“I’ve been raving about how you have the best tasting beef ever and once tried you just cannot go back.” MH, Pembrokeshire
“As soon as i opened the box, i knew it was fresh, looks great. Love the little recipe sheet, know I am paying a premium in my local supermarket, but you cannot beat old traditional ways of keeping and rearing livestock. Takes me back to my dad’s very small smallholding: fresh eggs, chicken, pork and veg. Wish I had kept that life up, wish there were more smallholders near me. Looking forward to some beef dishes. Many thanks, from a very satisfied customer.” AJ, Cornwall.
“I have made bolognaise, stew and a lovely steak dinner using the sirloin steak. The meat is truly wonderful, so tender and tasty and I am so glad we ordered some from you. I am really looking forward to using the rest of it and will definitely be a repeat customer. I also love the fact that you put in some recipe ideas, it makes it a very personal service, so thank you”.MW, Stirlingshire
“Hi Debbie. I’ve just had a topside roast for dinner. It was the most amazing roast beef that I’ve ever tasted. It was tender, beautifully flavoured and it cooked to perfection. I’ve found sometimes it can be a bit hit or miss to get roast beef exactly how I like it with supermarket beef as we enjoy it rare. This cooked so beautiful and succulent. When I took it out of the packing it had that gorgeous beef smell that’s sometimes lacking nowadays . I’m sure you know what I mean with the lovely smell. I could have started to eat lumps of it there and then. I’m sitting like the cat that’s licked the cream after the most satisfying dinner. Even the gravy was amazing from the pan juices.” BH, Glasgow.

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