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After five years on the farm we finally got round to producing a quarterly newsletter in response to numerous requests.  Just click on the date to download a pdf of the newsletter you'd like to read. Please allow a moment or two for the document to open.


 What we've been up to

Summer 2017
Playing catch-up, experimental pork, calving 2017, lambing 2017, Countryside Stewardship delivering results, lamb box time
Autumn & Winter 2016
Beautiful autumn, experimental piglets, Cumbrian Herdwicks, Debbie's Diary, Countryside Stewardship, tupping time and fungi
Summer 2016
Summer tales, no-weaning approach, Rainbow Warrior, geese meet cows, grass snakes on the move, Countryside Stewardship gets going, seasonal recipe: courgette bolognaise
Spring 2016
In praise of Spring, lambing 2016, Devon Rubies head to Gloucestershire, the return of the Baking Fool, mechanisation arrives at South Yeo, agile Mack
Autumn & Winter 2015
The turning of the year, Herdwicks in their homeland,  bespoke fun, the Scilly Isles, Poilly wows the judges, Countryside Stewardship
Summer 2015
Tentatively summer, the lambing of the Herdwicks, Mack goes to school, swallows and herons, shearing and lamb boxes
Spring 2015
It's all about calving, lambing, farrowing and hatching! The Herdwicks arrive, and a catch up with the dogs
Winter 2014
Barn owls, Mack the pup, cow hair everywhere, @FarmersOfTheUK, decorating after ten years, loads of Devon Ruby beef recipes and Country Smallholding magazine
Autumn 2014
Rare beasts, the Oscars, muck gets flung, a holiday, apples and cider and CAKE!
Summer 2014
The O show part 2, baby birds, Hi Herd health, foiling escapee sheep, Andrew the baking fool and light rye bread, and of mice and veg.
Spring 2014
The O show, grateful but sodden, piggy pleasures, weaning and losing one's moo, baking not lambing, beware cheap fence posts, Badger Faces on BBC Lambing Live and farewell to Fenn.
Winter 2013
Reflecting on the year, the orchard gets a beating, our very first Devon Ruby beef, smallholder courses, and piglets ahoy.
Autumn 2013
Sex and the single cow, blackberry vinegar, revamping cowshed #2, Pilgrim geese go large, harvesting: first beef, new birds and brambles.
Summer 2013
Exporting to Germany, barn owls and lambs, digging ditches, building cob ovens, the horridness of Schmallenberg and grass
Spring 2013
The roar of the bull elephant, the baking fool, yet more hedging, horsing around, calves and silver linings
Winter 2012
Hunkering down & hibernating, cidermaking, cowshed #2, buttocks and escapee Casanovas
Autumn 2012
Foraging, building your very own cob oven, more cows, Higher Level Stewardship, on camera and more
Summer 2012
Our first Devon Ruby calf, goslings, shearing, sunny jims, making brawn and collecting the rain

Spring 2012

Reproduction, rebuilding the old dairy, toe trimming, Pilgrim geese and Grow Your Own
Winter 2011
A full year, Whiteface Dartmoors, tractors, turkeys, our new cows, RIP Humphrey
Autumn 2011
Goats, our first cows, turkeys, kosher salt, green electrickery and putting our plans into action
Summer 2011
Celebrating six years on the farm, making plans and more plans.
Spring 2011
Wassailing with Wren Music; lambing goes high tech; hedging, banking and fencing; apples and orchards, funding for courses and pork, pork, pork...
Winter 2010
Trying to keep warm; premature tupping; cavorting with romantic novelists; welcoming Pilgrim geese and saying goodbye to Mopsa
Autumn 2010
Fame on BBC Radio 4 Farming Today; going international; Dahlia the Berkshire gilt; building a cob bread oven and taking it easy...
Summer  2010
Celebrating our fifth anniversary on the farm; seeing our livestock in print; View from the Field, taking stock