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 Berkshire gammon and bacon box
 Devon Ruby beef box
Welsh Mountain lamb box

We sell meat from animals born and reared on our farm, so you can be sure of its exact provenance.  Our lamb, hogget, mutton and beef are all entirely naturally grass fed, reared on diverse wildflower-rich pastures that are farmed for the benefit of wildlife as well as our livestock. Slow grown, real food, from rare and native breds all chosen for their natural hardiness and amazing taste. Our meat is couriered fresh in chilled polyboxes direct to your door, or can be collected.  Contact us if you want to be put on our mailing list to be alerted when we have fresh meat available.  Below are details of our lamb, hogget, mutton, pork, gammon/bacon and beef boxes.

Welsh Mountain & Dartmoor Lamb, Hogget & Mutton - 100% grass fed

We sell our 100% grass fed, slow grown, pure Welsh Mountain Badger Face, Whiteface Dartmoor and Herdwick lamb, that produces medium sized delicious carcases direct to you, the customer. They graze on our culm grassland meadows and grow naturally with no concentrated feedstuffs, which improves both the taste and the texture of the meat.  The slow approach extends to the hanging of the carcases for 14 days which further enhances the flavour and tenderness. Whole and half lamb boxes are available in season, from September to November, and we encourage customers to reserve their lamb boxes early as demand always outstrips supply.  One fully butchered lamb takes up about one and a half shelves in an average upright freezer and will be cut to your requirements.  Your lamb will then be couriered fresh, in chilled polyboxes, direct to your door.  Most people have their lamb prepared:

  • Legs whole or halved
  • Shoulders whole, or halved, or whole boned and rolled
  • Breast boned and rolled, or minced
  • Loin and rack as joints, or as chops

We try and accommodate any other butchery requirements you may have.  If you want a whole or half lamb in one piece for spit roasting, we can do that too, although that's collection only because we can't get hold of chill boxes large enough to courier them.

  Hogget is leaner than lamb and older, between one and two years, so has a slightly larger carcase. As the demand grows for this fabulous meat each year, we increase the numbers of lambs that we grow on as hogget and the flavour is astonishing; deeper and more mature, whilst maintaining its lamb-like tenderness.  Our hogget is available in May so if you fancy trying some do ask us to put you on our hogget mailing list - it is usually reserved a year in advance by everyone who tries it.

Mutton:  In September and October we have mutton available, although it sells out fast.  Mutton has had a well deserved renaissance, which considering its taste is not surprising; it's perfect for slow roast recipes and for dishes that get their flavour from long slow cooking such as succulent curries, tagines, moussaka, hotpot, stews and shepherd's pie.  Carcases will weigh more than lamb or hogget. Please let us know if you are interested in mutton and we will put you on the mailing list for this flavoursome meat.  Contrary to popular belief, with long, slow cooking we have never found it to be anything other than tender.

Half lamb box: £60 collected/£75 delivered
Whole lamb box: £110 collected/£125 delivered
Half hogget box: £75 collected/ £90 delivered
Whole hogget box: £140 collected/ £155 delivered
Half mutton box: £65 collected/£80 delivered
Whole mutton box £120 collected/£135 delivered

Weights: Weights inevitably vary, but a whole lamb box simply butchered will be around 10+ kilos (NB if you want cuts boned, the results will obviously weigh less).  Hogget is a similar weight to lamb, and mutton boxes will be approx 12 kilos (although they can be quite a bit heavier).

Cuts in a whole lamb/hogget/mutton box: 2 legs, 2 shoulders, 2 breasts, 2 neck fillets, approx 26 chops, approx 6 rump steaks, stewing neck cuts, 2 kidneys, heart, liver

To place an order, or for more information about our lamb, hogget or mutton boxes, please contact us.

Berkshire Pork, Gammon and Bacon

If you haven’t had any outdoor reared rare breed Berkshire pork before, you are in for a very pleasant surprise.  From one pig you get approx 40 kilos of meat.  We sell a minimum quarter of a pig at a time which is 10 kilos (as joints, chops, ribs, rashers, etc) - if you want less than that you could buddy up with a friend.  The pork  joints produce the most extraordinary crackling and the gammon steaks and joints are celebration food, with the bacon almost too good for a bacon sarnie; this is seriously superb stuff. Berkshire pork is known in Japan as Kurobuta pork, revered as the world's best pork because of its rich, juicy, tender, flavoursome qualities.  But you don't have to travel to Japan to try it as we courier our pork and gammon direct to your door. 

Quarter pig - pork box: £85 collected/£100 delivered - approx 10 kilos
Half pig - pork box: £170 collected/£185 delivered - approx 20 kilos
Whole pig - pork box: £300 collected/ £320 delivered - approx 40 kilos
Quarter pig - gammon & bacon box: £95 collected/ £110 delivered - approx 10 kilos
Half pig - gammon & bacon box: £190 collected/£205 delivered - approx 20 kilos
Whole pig - gammon & bacon box: £340 collected/£360 delivered - approx 40 kilos
Whole pig - mixed pork, gammon & bacon box: £320 collected/£340 delivered - approx 40 kilos

To give you an idea of contents, half pig pork boxes will include approx: 3 large shoulder joints, 4 leg joints, 2 belly joints, 16 thick cut chops, minced pork (perfect for stuffing turkeys, chickens, making pork meatballs etc), 1 tenderloin and liver. Let us know if you want the trotters.  Do contact us to place your order or with any questions. The mixed box will be delivered on different dates, the pork arriving a week or two before the gammon and bacon. Gammon and bacon can be smoked or green as you prefer.  If you like your bangers, why not have a go at making your own? For ourselves we use half a pig (in one piece) and remove the meat from the bone, chop, mince and put through our ancient Kenwood; it's more fun than you can imagine and highly recommended for uncontrollable giggling sessions if you are not averse to plunging your arms into heaps of minced pork.  We source our natural sausage skins here.

Devon Ruby Beef - 100% grass fed

We (and you, we're delighted to find) were incredibly excited about the addition of Devon Ruby beef to our meat boxes.  Our cattle are entirely grass fed and used for conservation grazing on our rough pastures, producing the most fabulous marbled beef.  One of the reasons we chose to keep this breed was because we had literally never tasted any beef half as good. We have the carcasses hung for a minimum of 28 days to give them the treatment they deserve and provide you with wonderful flavour and tenderness.

10 kilo beef box: £110 collected/£125 delivered. A 10 kilo beef box contains approx: 2-3 joints (from topside, silverside, brisket, rolled rib), sirloin, rump and fillet steak, stewing steak, chuck steak, shin and mince.
15 kilo beef box: £165 collected/£180 delivered.  A 15 kilo beef box contains approx: 4 joints (e.g.topside, silverside, brisket, rolled rib), sirloin steaks, rump steaks, fillet steak, stewing steak, chuck steak, skirt, shin and mince.


    Devon Ruby sirloin steaks                       Griddle fried sirloin                         Sirloin vacuum packed

What our customers say

Pork and bacon:
"Best bacon I've ever tasted!" A O'S, Kent
"We had roast pork belly joint yesterday, was the best pork I've tasted in a long time, and I've got plenty of dripping in the fridge for some super mid week spuds." AO, Kent
"We are finally eating pork! It is stunning. We had a loin roast last weekend to which neighbours were invited (2 are serious foodies) and everyone was singing its praises. Yummy yummy wow! You can consider us regular customers". NS, Dartmoor
"The pork is just wonderful - we've had a pork belly and some of the chops - simply delicious! Look forward to receiving the gammon!" BL, Warwickshire
"Had some bacon yesterday, it was amazing!" MD Devon
"Had a slow roast of the gammon yesterday and it was to die for!!" HBL, Cropredy
We have nearly finished the pork now and all I can say is it is simply the best we have ever eaten! Keep up the good work it is greatly appreciated!" DP, Gillingham

"Enjoyed a delicious roast dinner at home on Remembrance Sunday - the leg of lamb was absolutely superb. We believe it was the best we've had - ever!  Very, very flavourful and ultra succulent. Thanks again." PH, Kent
"Well we had the leg of lamb tonight.  As my husband was cutting it up he tried some, he exclaimed it was the best lamb he had ever tasted, not remarks he makes, I also thought it was the best." MP, Cornwall
"We have been rationing the lamb very carefully, but this week saw us grilling the loin chops from our half lamb box. Can I just say - they were the best lamb chops I ever remember eating. Being a South African we rave about Karoo lamb and its flavour. But these little lamb chops were even better. Just fabulous! Can't wait to try the pork!" KW, London
"By far the best lamb I've tasted in a long time!!! lt was served slightly pink and melting in your mouth... wonderful!!!!" AO, Kent
"G..... just phoned to say she ate some of the lamb over the weekend - and thought it was the best she'd ever tasted!!"
"By the way, and needless to say as I am re-ordering, the lamb was absolutely delicious!" MD, Exeter.
"The lamb is gorgeous. It all arrived well packaged and in one piece (well, several chopped up pieces :-) We had our lamb moussaka using one pack of mince and it was really lovely.". DS, Bristol.
"Arrived still chilled to north of England - gorgeous meat - highly recommended!"
"Great condition, brilliant price and very quick delivery, highly recommended".
"The lamb is amazing; I'm going to become a regular customer and I can't wait to try the pork too."
"I would like to thank you very much for the quality of service and goods you have provided. Many thanks to you and Andrew." CM, Derbyshire
"MOST delicious lamb I have EVER tasted." GB, Devon
"I would like to try a quarter pork box seeing as I have just run out of your lamb! The lamb was the best I have ever had!" DP, Kent
"Oh what lovely lamb chops, really tender.  I have not tasted lamb so good since my late uncle had a farm in Ireland in the sixties and seventies and eighties. I will always remember the lovely taste from that day and your lambs taste beautiful and are well cared for in their lifetime," JP, Maidstone

"We're absolutely delighted with the hogget. We cooked a leg yesterday and were blown away with the taste and the tenderness although her indoors is claiming some of the credit as she did the cooking". GN, Wiltshire
"I just unpacked my box of hogget and it looks so delicious that I am now thinking of getting a second lamb in the autumn." AH, London
"Just to let you know the hogget came this afternoon. Looks great - we have a house guest this weekend so will make it a special occasion with a leg on the BBQ" AR, Liverpool
"Nice thick chump chops (always the best bit) and a glass of decent Beaujolais - sensational! Please put me down for a whole hogget box next year" PH, Bath

"The mutton looks lovely and the colour of it is amazing." MP, Cornwall
"Just wanted to let you know the mutton is delicious!" SA, Basingstoke

"I would like to say how good your beef is, just the smell of a raw joint sitting on the side coming up to room temperature is something I have never experienced.  I made corned beef with one of the brisket joints, a couple of the best ever roasts with the silver and topside, fantastic cottage pie and beef and onion pie with extremely short pastry and some awesome pasties. Your beef is truly the best I have ever tasted." JA, Kent
"The beef roast we cooked last weekend was wonderful, fantastic taste and so tender, we finished it cold with a salad mid-week very nice indeed". JL, Wisbech
"I have to say that your beef is really exceptional. The lamb and hogget are great, but the beef is something special. I made a fairly humble beef and ale stew last night, and after almost three hours of cooking, your beef (stewing steak) still had so much flavour and texture, and wasn’t remotely dry - all that fine marbling from the slow growing of your cattle." WF, Kent
"I've just cooked up the last of the beef - mince in a bolognaise. Every bit of the whole box we had was delicious - especially the topside & steaks..... Put our name on the next list please if you can - the men of the house can't wait!!" CW, Warwickshire
"I've been raving about how you have the best tasting beef ever and once tried you just cannot go back." MH, Pembrokeshire
"As soon as i opened the box, i knew it was fresh, looks great. Love the little recipe sheet, know I am paying a premium in my local supermarket, but you cannot beat old traditional ways of keeping and rearing livestock. Takes me back to my dad's very small smallholding: fresh eggs, chicken, pork and veg.  Wish I had kept that life up, wish there were more smallholders near me. Looking forward to some beef dishes. Many thanks, from a very satisfied customer.  AJ, Cornwall.
"I have made bolognaise, stew and a lovely steak dinner using the sirloin steak. The meat is truly wonderful, so tender and tasty and I am so glad we ordered some from you. I am really looking forward to using the rest of it and will definitely be a repeat customer. I also love the fact that you put in some recipe ideas, it makes it a very personal service, so thank you".MW, Stirlingshire
"Hi Debbie. I’ve just had a topside roast for dinner. It was the most amazing roast beef that I’ve ever tasted. It was tender, beautifully flavoured and it cooked to perfection. I’ve found sometimes it can be a bit hit or miss to get roast beef exactly how I like it with supermarket beef as we enjoy it rare. This cooked so beautiful and succulent. When I took it out of the packing it had that gorgeous beef smell that’s sometimes lacking nowadays . I’m sure you know what I mean with the lovely smell. I could have started to eat lumps of it there and then. I’m sitting like the cat that’s licked the cream after the most satisfying dinner. Even the gravy was amazing from the pan juices." BH, Glasgow.