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Lambskins and sheepskins:

Our beautiful lambskins and sheepskins are perfect as luxurious throws, rugs, armchair and car seat covers or to indulge an adored pet.  Cured at the local Dartmoor tannery, they retain their natural curl and show off the gorgeous Badger Face colouring with the creamy body defined by a chocolate brown border (Torddu) or deep chocolate with a cream border (Torwen).  Our Whiteface Dartmoor lambskins are fabulously curly with long well defined ringlets and add real splendour to a sofa or favourite armchair, while the Herdwicks produce lovely skins in various shades of grey.  Shapes and sizes are entirely individual but they measure approx 100cm x 75cm.  We also have sheepskins which are larger (approx 100cm x 110cm). We can email you a list of available skins with photos, dimensions, and prices so that you can choose what really takes your fancy.  An example from each breed can be seen below.   

Torddu Badgerface sheep
Torddu Badgerface fleece
Torddu Badgerface lambskin
Torwen Badgerface sheep
Torwen Badgerface fleece
Torwen Badgerface lambskin
Whiteface Dartmoor sheep
Whiteface Dartmoor fleece
Whiteface Dartmoor lambskin

Herdwick ewe

Herdwick fleece
Herdwick lambskin


We sell our raw, unwashed, undipped fleeces to hand spinners, knitters, weavers, felters, craftspeople and as film and theatre props.  There may be the odd spot of coloured marking spray but these can be picked or washed out and any soiled parts are removed (if we miss a bit, just fling it on your compost heap).

Welsh Mountain Badger Face fleeces (Torddu and Torwen)
From our pure bred Welsh Mountain Badger Face sheep we have Torwen (black/chocolate brown) and Torddu (predominantly creamy white with some black/grey). According to the British Coloured Sheep Breeds Association, the wool from both types of Badger Face is firm and of medium length.  Averages: Staple length 7-10cm, Bradford count 46-56, Micron measurement 37-28, Weight 1.5-2Kg.  Samples of our Torwen and Torddu fleeces were sent to the United States to be spun, knitted and photographed by the authors for their gorgeous Fleece and Fiber Sourcebook published in 2011.   According to authors Deborah Robson & Carol Ekarius:
  • fleece 1.6 - 2kg
  • staple length 3-4 inches (7.5-10cm)
  • fibre diameter: 26-37 microns (spinning counts 46s-56s) in practice may be much coarser
  • lock characteristics: rectangular locks with short tapering tips. Definite but disorganised crimp in fibres and locks
  • Torddu: upper wool white to light beige or tan
  • Torwen: upper wool black or brown

Whiteface Dartmoor fleeces
From our pedigree Whiteface Dartmoor sheep we have raw, long, strong, curled heavy fleeces, weighing around 4 kilos:

  • fleece around 4kg but can weigh up to 7kg or more for rams
  • staple length 6-12 inches (15-30cm)
  • fibre diameter: 36-40 microns (spinning counts 36-40)
  • lock characteristics: long with big deep waves, one every inch or so, and pointed tips.  Heavy and compact. 

Herdwick fleeces
From our Herdwick sheep we have raw, coarse fleeces:

  • fleece 1.5 - 2kg
  • staple length 3-10 inches (7.5-25.5cm)
  • fibre diameter: variable, usually 36 microns or more (spinning counts 40s and coarser)
  • lock characteristics: clumpy, dense, composedof mixed fibre types - undercoat, hair, kemp
  • natural colours: mostly light or dark gray (although the lambs are black turning brown by a year old), and can age to very pale grey/almost white 

For prices check out the For Sale page.  Contact us to place an order or with any queries.

What our customers say:
"Just to let you know that the sheepskins arrived today. They are absolutely lovely and I am soooo pleased with them! Thank you so much, they are beautiful".LW, Grantham
"Just to say thanks very much for the sheepskin- it's perfect! I was very impressed with the prompt delivery and surprisingly efficient packaging (had no idea it would bundle so tightly). It looks fantastic, and Ella has been very happy to gurgle on it inbetween feeds and nappy changes. In fact I'm rather jealous!" MH, Cardiff
"I have just received my lovely sheepskin rug - it is beautiful & I will buy another one soon. I will treasure it." JP, Kent
"Just to let you know we received the fleeces today and they are more beautiful than expected. I can make some lovely wall-hangings using the raw colours. Many thanks for your updates and quick despatch." KM, Lincolnshire
"The lambskins have arrived thanks and been admired by all who've seen them"
"The lambskins have been lovely to have on the sofas in this weather.  They were supposed to be Christmas presents but loved them so kept them. I am so pleased I did."  NC, Warwickshire.
"The lambskin arrived this morning and it's absolutely gorgeous. The photographs on the website don't do it justice - you can't see its full sumptuousness! Totally delighted with it - thank you so much." CL, Coventry.
"Very fast delivery, and fleece is lovely, thanks."
"Speedy delivery, nice clean fleece, cant wait to spin it up."
"Thank you so much for the fleece, they are great." RD, Somerset.
"My husband... genuinely approves of my gift, which he has over the rocking chair where he is sitting in front of the fireplace. For my part I love the colour combination and really look forward to one of my own in due course. I bought a sheepskin some 40 years ago and took it with me to Norway but it was not as exciting as these long curly skins. Maybe I am getting old and appreciate quality and more original products." VHG. Norway (image of skin in Norway below).