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Our pigs are the Yeoman herd of pedigree Berkshires.  These hairy black pigs with white snouts, feet and tail tips are a hardy, outdoor rare breed, on the Rare Breed Survival Trust's vulnerable list. Unlike pink pigs they aren’t prone to sunburn, and thrive outdoors.  Berkshires produce exceptionally succulent meat with an amazing texture that can’t be beaten whether it’s as pork, gammon, bacon or sausages. Intriguingly, they kill out with white skin (their hair is black, not their skin - check out that snout) , so you don’t get black crackling or bacon rind.
Our pigs are kept in groups, freely supplementing their diet with grass, herbs and roots, and have straw filled arks for shelter.  Sows are brought into the cob barn just before farrowing and are back outdoors with their piglets when they are ten days old.  If winters are very wet we can bring the pigs inside to give them and the land a break.

Berkshire pork is known in Japan as Kurobuta pork, revered as the world's best pork because of its rich, juicy, tender, flavoursome qualities.  But you don't have to travel to Japan to try it as we courier our pork and gammon direct to your door. 

Livestock: we frequently have young stock for sale. Weaners are normally ready to go to their new homes (wormed) in their ninth week.  Being pedigree animals, all our stock is birth notified with the British Pig Association, and well marked examples with good conformation that meet the breed standard can be registered for a small additional fee. Our foundation stock are from the Excelsa and Orlando bloodlines. We will sell a minimum of two weaners at a time unless you already have pigs at home, as they require company. 

Livestock prices: Our weaners (gilts and boars) are £60 each (£71 if registered to cover registration and transfer fees) at 8-10 weeks old. Registered stock are sold with their BPA papers and are double ear tagged rather than ear notched to preserve their natural ear shape.  Older stock will be charged according to age to cover the cost of feed.

Pork, gammon and bacon: we courier our amazing Berkshire meat fresh to your door. Details are on our meat box page.

Fame! Our Berkshires are featured in Jack Byard's book "Know Your Pigs"