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When, in March 2005, we first peered over the gate down the farm track to the long lime-washed house with rotting window frames, to right and left was dereliction; a roofless stone threshing barn with scraps of the original thatched roundhouse, and a cob barn and stable block with its dovecote of nine perches and tiny slate sills, roof caving in, covered in "dangerous, do not enter" signs.

The barns, one early post-medieval, the other late 18th century have now been fully restored for agricultural use: a proper farm workshop; somewhere to keep livestock over winter; a place to rear waterfowl and poultry; a hayloft to keep feedstuffs; a farrowing pen for Berkshire sows and their piglets, a resource space for our smallholder training courses, timber storage and a home for bats and barn owls.

 Cob Barn - before - October 2007
 Green oak trusses and rafters in place
 Cob barn almost there - June 2008
  Threshing Barn - before - Oct 2007          Threshing Barn with roof - Sept 2008              Threshing Barn - November 2008

   Roundhouse taking shape                         Inside the roundhouse Oct 2008                  Roundhouse - November 2008