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In 2010 we decided to take on another breed of sheep and specifically wanted sheep indigenous to the area.  After considering Devon Closewools, Devon and Cornwall Longwools, Greyface Dartmoors, Exmoor Horn, Dorset Horn and Whiteface Dartmoors, we decided on the latter, providing a real contrast to our Welsh Mountain Badger Face flocks.  Our Whiteface Dartmoors are the South Yeo flock of pedigree sheep, and we are members of the Whiteface Dartmoor Sheep Breeders Association.  Having plumped for this wonderful local breed, it's good to know that we can source pedigree rams from within Devon.
The Whiteface Dartmoor is on the Rare Breed Survival Trusts's register with between 1500-3000 adult breeding females in existence.
The breed is believed to be one of England's most ancient breeds of sheep.  The ewes are naturally polled (hornless) and the rams have magnificent curled horns.  Their fleece is long, lustrous and curled, which produces a stunning lambskin.  Hardy sheep, they are built to withstand hard moorland winters and still produce good lambs and superb wool.  We have found them to be docile and a real pleasure to handle.

Livestock: We have Whiteface Dartmoor livestock for sale; do contact us for more information.